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Our trauma-informed methods like EMDR and SITCAP reprocess stored experiences, reshaping self-views and fostering healing.

From Adversity to Resilience: Embrace Your Story, Transform Your Strength.

Doug, a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor with over 25 years of mental health experience, specializes in trauma therapy for all age groups. He's trained in evidence based practices such as EMDR and SITCAP, and works to support our own innate ability to heal. 


A2R Counseling and Consulting LLC provides a wide array of behavioral health support that includes psychotherapy, clinical training and consultation, neurodevelopmental assessment  and athlete performance and mental health. Take a look at what I have to offer!




Our daughter has worked with many counselors over the years, and Doug has been the most successful at building rapport with her and earning her trust and respect, which is very difficult to do. He has helped our teenager work through many mental health crises, and provides coaching to our entire family so that we can change the dynamics that reinforce the negative behavior outcomes. With his many years of experience and credentials, I cannot imagine he would not have the skills and strategies to help any individual address his/her mental health needs.

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