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Student Athlete Mental Health and Mental Performance

Historically, the medical profession and society have often separated the mind and body. However, we know now  that the mind and body are interdependent of each other. For any aspiring athlete, this is critically important to understand when thinking about improving performance. If you don't train the brain , you are limiting your potential. Yogi Berra famously said, "Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical."  We now recognize that the mental game is major part in athletic success. Many athletes have talent, but do they have a mental  game?  In most sports, practice focuses mainly on the body and physical performance and neglects the mental game. Typically, we are not thinking about the mental game until it is too late and the athlete is so discouraged that they can’t get back to their baseline.

A2R Counseling and Consulting LLC  has a mental performance program designed to support the mental game of the athlete. Issues that can be addressed in this program include, but not limited to, creating a resilient athlete mindset, managing performance anxiety, overcoming injury, handling disappointment, dealing with athlete burnout and developing the athlete flow.

A2R addresses the student athlete by supporting mental health recovery resulting from sport and building a resilient mindset. The program for Building the Resilient Athlete is broken down into 5 categories:

  1. Assessment and Planning

  2. Teaching about the role of our brain and stress response in sport.

  3. Skill Development

  4. Mental Performance Plan for Practice (pre and post practice routine)

  5. Mental Performance Plan for Game (pre and post practice routine)

$150 for Initial Mental Performance Assessment

$125 per follow up session

Cost: Mental Performance Program

Private Pay Rates

$150 for Intake

$125 for therapy sessions  

Cost: Therapy for the Athlete

Accept most major commercial insurance

Athlete/Sports Mental Performance and Psychology

Current level of participation
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